The practice

Fatsan Bak Mei is a very specific style with a focus on explosive power. We mostly focus on training body understanding and how to generate explosive power: “ging”.

The three main pillars of physical training are: footwork, strike and defence.

The strategy of the style is made mostly for street fighting techniques and weapons. However, the way the training can be implemented in a modern way, closer to the preparation for martial sports.

We are also working with the Chinese cosmology system. There is the 5 elements theory and also diving and sailing, swallowing and splitting and many others.

As traditional martial arts we also concentrating a lot on body conditioning.

We also do sparing for distance and timing training with using protect tools.

The style is very flexible and has a spirit of fighting animals like Panther or Tiger.

We also practice weapons and sparing with them. 

Fatsan Bak Mei has around 20 forms but we practice mostly: Chat Dim Mui Fah, Gau Bou Toi and Sap Baat Fung Jan.

Our style contains:

Siu Sup Jee kyun 

Sup Jee kyun

Sap Baak Mor Kiu kyun

Fa Pau kyun

Soi Saam Sing kyun

Tan Fat kyun

Fu Bo kyun


Armed form are with: saber, short pole, double side pole.

  • But we also implement weapons from other styles - dragon dagger, bench, spear, tiger fork, double knifes etc.