White Eyebrow style - “佛山白眉拳 Fatsaan Baahk Meih Kyun” is a different version then Baak Mei/Pak Mei/Bak Mei which comes from the lineage of Jeung Lai Chuan “張禮泉”.

The history of this style starts with the legendary Taoist monk and “traitor” of Southern Siulam “Shaolin”. He was one of the five elders of the “Siulam” Shaolin temple. If it is true or not, that legend influences the essence of the style a lot.

Our lineage comes from the great master Lau Siu Leung. One of his oldest student was the grand master Ling Hon Kit. Those are two sure facts.

Thanks to personal research made by Jonathan Barbary sifu the lineage was passed from Bak Mei to Kwong Wai then to Chuk Yun then to Fung Fo Dao Yan and finally to Lau Siu-Leung (刘少良) who established the Fatsan lineage of Bak Mei.



was an army officer and he was the part of “Gwok Man Tong” army during IIWW in Wuhan. Because of his army experience he got trained in many different traditional martial arts. After the war he moved back to “Gwongtung” Guangdong province and worked in Canton until his retirement.  After that he went back to his hometown “Fatsan” Foshan. During the time of his life in Canton he probably learned his Bak Mei skills. He then mastered his own way and established the lineage of Fatsan Bak Mei and made the style very big in 1960’ and 70’. His name in Fatsan is still pretty big as “Lau Baak” - means “old uncle Lau”. 
His skills were excellent, and he was able to absorb special skills from any other’s styles and added it into his own Bak Mei. The 60’s and 70’s were years of very high risk to teach gung fu because of the Cultural Revolution. However, he had hundreds of followers. That time, practising gung fu had to be kept in secret so they practice around 4 am in the morning.


one of the earliest student of Lau Siu Leung who was with Jee Yat Wa and Chan Sing Yui in charge to teach younger students in park during 1970’. Grand master Ling Hong Kit had never opened his own school in Fatsan, he always taught secretly in his home. The reason was his feedback which made him being disliked to be well known. 

Ling Hon Kit was practising since he was 8 years old Wing Chun from his father but also tried Choi Lei Fat, Seven Star Mantis, Hap Gar and Lung Ying. At 15 years old, he started practising Bak Mei and at 18 he had already challenged many of famous masters in Fatsan.


During the tough times of cultural revolution, he had to make living and also made “hak kyun” - black fist, which means fighting in illegal fights for money. In 1976, he tried to escape on a bamboo raft to Hong Kong but he got caught and sent to the countryside for reeducation. That time he started to teach Bak Mei or how he called “Siu Leung Kyun” (using the name of his master to call the style).

But his main income comes from snakes catching. Grand master Ling Hon Kit is living in Fatsan and his only foreigner student is Lukas Slavicek sifu.

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